Spay It Forward’s Board of Directors and Fundraising Event Committee are  proud to announce that together, we raised almost $22,000 with our Fourth Annual Circus Stella and Salute to Working Dogs Benefit held April 1, 2017!!!!  This would NEVER have been possible without community support and our dedicated volunteers.  We cannot thank you enough!

Funds raised from this event will cover the next year’s projected budget. We look forward to being able to continue to help people, their pets and the hundreds of feral /stray cats in managed colonies.  Our community of those in need are so very grateful for the financial help and for the compassionate “hand“ extended to the them through your support!

Bless our supporters for their faith in our mission and their love for our community’s people and

their  dogs and cats!


Enjoy our photo album from last year's event. Click here to view photo album.





Dogs Altered

That's 2,624 puppies

prevented from being born!


Cats Altered

That's 11,040 kittens

prevented from being born!

Our Mission:


Spay It Forward is a 501(c)3 organization established January 1, 2014 in Concord, North Carolina. Our mission is to alleviate the population of unwanted companion animals by providing funds for spay and neuter of pets of low income families and pets otherwise neglected.


Spay It Forward assists with funding of spay and neuter of feral/stray cats in managed colonies. We do not provide trapping, transportation, recovery or releasing services.

Spay It Forward will provide a copy of the organization's 990 form upon request.


Our S OLUTION is PREVENTION of the unwanted, the homeless and the abandoned by spaying and neutering.

Be part of the S OLUTION​.​​ The savings is the cost of LIVES.





Why Spay It Forward?


The combined efforts of rescue groups and Animal Control to help neglected companion animals and prevent unwanted births is not enough. Our community must join their efforts and be part of the solution! Your donation to Spay It Forward will help fund

the spay or neuter of a dog or cat, thus instantly preventing future offspring from that animal.





Did you know that spaying or neutering 1 dog or cat can prevent the birth of 16 puppies or 12 kittens per animal?

Cabarrus County Vouchers available for Spay and Neuter of eligible Pets.


The Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners reinstated the Spay/Neuter Voucher program for low income Cabarrus County residents who qualify under guidelines set forth by the State of North Carolina. Spay It Forward, in agreement with Cabarrus County, is the administrator. If you are a Cabarrus County resident and are receiving public assistance please acquire a Cabarrus County voucher application at the Department of Social Services.

Give a gift that helps animals and people.


Donate to Spay It Forward and GIVE TWICE in the form of a birthday, Christmas or holiday gift.

Choose from gift cards "made especially for Spay It Forward".

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